I hope you realise

3890445C-44DA-405F-832D-AF997F7F240C.jpegMaybe, just maybe, While you have been thinking about yourself and your own feelings, instead of negatively judging me Because you didn’t get what you want from me… I hope you realise I do not walk on this planet to please everybody. I hope you realise that we are all humans and there is no perfection in this World only GOD.


À mon ami

Je vais vraiment manquer mon ami. Même si pour un temps très court et limite. Une chose est sûre, elle va vraiment me manquer. elle a été loyale et honnête ami à moi et nous nous respectons et nous nous respectons mutuellement en ce qui concerne les différences. Nous comprenons facilement et acceptons les un les autres. La vie était vraiment facile et absolument belle avec elle. même par mes jours occupés, mon temps seul, des priorités dans la vie, elle me serait toujours et elle m’a jamais interrogée, elle me connaît mes limites personnelles. On ne se concentre que sur ce qui compte vraiment. On a fait de super souvenirs ensemble et elle ne jamais quitte, jamais abandonnée et elle a été la pour moi et m’a donné le meilleur sans rien attendre en retour et c’est pourquoi je l’aime de tout mon coeur. L’amitié existe en elle et elle mérite et mérite mon temps et mon attention. Les gens sincères sont vraiment difficiles à trouver et a croire que je ne le cherche plus mais elle m’a montré qu’elle est l’une des sortes une sortes de personnes que je veux passer mon temps avec. Le moment est venu c’est triste de la voir partir. Je ne sais pas ce que l’avenir peut apporter mais je sais pour sûr je la verrai surement en France.


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It wasn’t in my plan going home during rainy seasons in the Philippines. But I bugged out home for my health issues. Spent 3 weeks, in and out in the hospital. In my head I already had planned going in Vigan, Ilocos sur.

It was then Wednesday morning, Woke up at 7 am and we were excited. My mom is happy when we told her that we were going to bring her in Vigan. Vigan is located on the western coast island of Luzon. Vigan street has a unique architecture it is one of surviving Philippine historic cities, dating back to the 16th century.

We left around 7 o’clock in the morning. The road is long and quiet pretty far. While on our way, we paused by in a eatery somewhere, I couldn’t remember what is the name but it was really clean and food is really delicious and well presented buffet.

It was lunch when we reached the town of Vigan. It took us 5 hrs drive from Baguio … we were dehydrated and starving. People offered us to eat ( Sinanglao ) It is a famous dish Vigan delicacy, It is a soup dish and has a bit sour taste and a hint of bitterness nearly similar to (Pinapaitan.)Don’t be confused with the two , sinanglao is cooked with meat beef and pinapaitan is meat goat.

The weather condition was so hot and sunny … which made us feel uncomfortable. Kids outrun in mc donalds and bought sundae ice cream.

After we had taken our lunch, We straightly quitted to the hotel to drop by all our things lugguge and snatched some minutes of nap.

We then commenced our walk, took pictures everywhere, every corner … We had seen so many things , souvenir shops , Kalesa ~ it’s a horse drawn calash ,it was introduced by spanish colonizer during 18th century. You will rarely see now a days and only used in the streets tourist areas of old cities and in some rural areas. There are several ice cream man, you must at least try their sorbetes it is creamy and tasty. Buildings are well preserved. The street is almost empty, I guess 500 meters long and 3 – 4 blocks. There are less visitors during week days. People are well mannered and friendly. After An hours , we headed to Baluarte to see their famous zoo and museum.

Back to Vigan,  the night is young and we are free hahaha joke ! Someone told us that there are two light show and we went off and watched the dancing fountain show apparently scheduled every night at 7:30 pm lasting 30 minutes each show.

The next day, the sky is clear and blue what a perfect day for us… Before anything else, my parents bought Bagnet ~ I have no idea what it is ? Bagnet ~ it is actually deep fried pork belly ( lechon kawali in Tagalog ) I am not actually fun of it, seeing bagnet I felt I would have heart attack. Instead, I bought salty longganisa garlic flavored ( longganisa is a popular sausage in the Philippines traditionally made from grounded meat and it has a several flavors. ) Don’t forget to bring cooler box with you, there are ice cube seller nearby if you want to buy some fresh meat. We then visited Bantay watchtower & St Augustine church. Inside the Bantay tower there is a man , he offered us to take some beautiful photos and he is indeed good in photography. I think he is one of the care-taker of the Bell tower He shared the story of the place and we then happily left and gave him some extra tip in return. And of course don’t miss RG Jar factory ~ Pot shop where they briefly shown us on how pots are made. We came to see and bought souvenirs in Marsha’s delicacies shop – a great shop when buying gifts. My brother bought some royal bibingka they said you shouldn’t miss out buying royal bibingka when visiting Vigan. ( bibingka is a type of rice cake. ) Time has come to end our visit , as we were driving back home , we intentionally then stopped in Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Church and as usual took some pictures… We honestly missed some other places like the old house of the late President Marcos and many more … but sadly we runned out of time… but we happily managed to captured some beautiful views along the sea and before we knew it we were back home safely.