Real Beauty

3CFEDB8F-68AA-4381-BAE6-D62C162AC486.jpegThe real beauty and goodness isn’t only something you can see, it runs deep far beneath superficial surface .

Photo taken in kyoto, Japan.


I stopped searching for the answers

Few things in life happen without a reason, sometimes I wondered why the world seemed so unfair. I stopped searching for the answers. I’d sit for hours and think of nothing. I love being lost in silent. Memories can be deceptive. The things that I didn’t know now I have begun to understand. The more I learned the more I understand. The journey I endured not only has taught me precious mysteries about one another. It’s too painful to think about the bad times I had. I forced to think I had found my way. I fell and picked myself up. I had managed to create a fuller , beautiful atmosphere , Happy life for myself.