Au revoir

img_5830People really don’t know what is going on my life. I am dealing with something that i would never ever open up to anyone but only to God, I trust only GOD. I am struggling up for years with things, I just want to own it all alone, and some people would have think I am avoiding them when it’s really not. I just want to stay alone without judging me. I feel that some people are just curious about my life but they aren’t sincere at all. The person I trusted the most and love the most turned her back and since then, I am not the person that I used to be. I tried my best to forget everything and start with zero and all I know that She is not part of my future anymore. Things will never ever be the same again. I need to accept the fact that it will never ever be the same again. I stopped trying to figure things out and took it all in, just kept it in, and buried it…. There is saying that is goes something like this : “Friendship is like a glass ornament, once it is broken it can rarely be put back together exactly the same way.” — Charles Kingsley…… Do you believe ? … Just because I ignored her once doesn’t mean I hated her …. I was in a state of confusion then she hated me back for ignoring her or maybe everything was just LIE. What would i have to say now ?  …… I am ready for ultimate of letting go … I am giving away what I want to hold forever….. the most difficult sacrifice of all …. I want to end the road that I had taken… I’ve finally seen the dead end.


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