IMG_5371.JPGGoodmorning ! because it’s morning here ! What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Of course we firstly open our eyes …. I have been so busy lately and I couldn’t think of anything and Like I said before I am not a writer nor gifted to talk about anything that has sense … I actually just woke-up and heard my 9 years old daugther playing her piano and she supposed to be in school at this time … So while I sip my done coffee … et voila holding my Phone and blog hahaha … non-sense thing , but yeah I woke up today with a great smile and I look at the mirror and found myself beautiful, It’s rare when I feel this way, that I feel so beautiful today, because All my life and everyday I always believe That I am ugly duckling and I don’t find myself so attractive because I don’t need to be … BEATIFuL — How I wish to feel this way Everyday hahaha…. I feel so grateful , and I am more than excited about my plans for this Coming christmas … I will visit my parents which I think made me so happy this past few days … at the same I am sad because My husband won’t be able to join us for Christmas. My husband decided to work and of course whose wife will be happy If you know that your better half chosen his work over family …. ???  But I don’t want to make things so complicate. I’ll follow my plans and he will follow his plans … Family right ? hahaha But honestly, He prioritized his work for this coming christmas and I think that is fine with me,  We have some stuff that sometimes we aren’t agreed about it. My parents are so old and to not see them will be my greatest mistake I will ever do …. I love my parents so much , regardless of imperfection  I will always love them and as long as they live in this word no one could ever break my love for them, My love for my parents is Unbreakable likewise for my Husband and my kids. Today and everyday I am grateful , grateful about everything I have , I may not have true friends , ( I would still love to believe that somehow I may still have — true friends ) but I don’t feel that anymore, As a traveller I just past by through people’s life , some made me happy and some gave an good impact  to my life and some had have given me lessons and tears … some had chosen to gave hurtful words and in everything in between I didn’t react And I chose not to react at all, Some would asked how am I ? I just simply say I’m Fine though deep inside I am hurt… Because maybe I taught them how to treat me so If I am hurt or wronged by someone — blame to myself,  I feel okey about it, because in the first place I never expect anything in people… And to those special ones stayed despite distance, when opportunity comes, we at least  see each other and visit each other wherever in the world  …  To those mis-contrued my friendship I came to the point that I don’t care anymore and don’t want to hurt my feelings no more, I am Like a soldier that is always prepared to be watchful and  prayerful, careful for my own soul that I believe that Evil is more contagious than Good just as disease are more infectious than health. I am grateful to have parents, loving husband and 2 CHildren and I am grateful because  I have God in my life. I don’t go to church or preach people but I am happy to have God in my life and I am very grateful each day…………. and I wish the best for everyone !


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