Simple brunch

img_5038img_5041A simple brunch at home sweet home. I was craving danggit and dried squid (famous dried sea food) from Cebu City. Unfortunately, I haven’t eaten them for a year. I’m still lucky enough to find Tuyo here in China, I have got one pack of tuyo to subtitute danggit and dried squid which i was just desiring last night. There is a Filipino shop in Shenzhen where I am able to order and buy Filipino products through the internet. I prepared our brunch quietly and I didn’t mind the smell while frying tuyo. If you happen to not know, tuyo is a typical Filipino dried sardines and it has a smelly odor and we Filipinos  can’t live without … I was worried about my husband because he does not like the smell of tuyo, so while he is away, I was really in a hurry and I’d profit the time and quickly fried those tuyo. When he came back, he didn’t say any word, I was so happy about it. Then we had a simple feast …


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