Guilin, China


imageimageI have learned that Guilin has 20 thousand mountains, thousand of marvelous karst mountains. Looking at each mountain, you can actually invent and give each mountain a name through their shapes … so 7 days left to complete our Vacations. Our guide has planned itinerary each day. We did bycycling from Yangshou to Luigong village where you will see and feel the real beauty of Guilin and we had an amazing bamboo rafting along the Yulong river. We went to visit the 1,400 year old Juixian village and at the Secret Garden where you’ll find western food… the magnificent scenery of Xianggong hills.

imageWe headed  for Xingping village to witness carmorant fishing, unfortunately there were no fish that showed up that night. Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers.

imageThe Silver Cave was the biggest cave i have ever seen so far. During daytime we strolled around Xingping village, it was peaceful walking along the streets compared to western street in Yangshou. We visited the old town village, where you’ll see the house of the famous kung fu man.

imageWe also had some promenade around the town, at the Yangshou park, you’ll see old people singing, meditating, some people do tai chi and other exercise, there are small groups playing cards & majong’s, kids were playing in the playground, lovers , and mosquitoes which made us leave the park. So we dined in the western street in Yangshuo…

imageand of course I wouldn’t go without trying to taste & eat the local food with their uniqueness & sumptous brewed fields snails & beer fish the most symbolic dish in Yangshuo …..

image.jpegAt the western street we did some shopping and had a short walk. We also experienced the Famous Impression Sanjieliu light Show at LI river with their 600 local performers…. we had taken a cruise for the sight-seeing in Li River, amy arrange the cruise tickets for us, the kids had so much fun and I’d taken some photos with the cormorant fish….

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageWe spent our last day at amy’s home with her family. Kids had a good time together and they had so much fun at the play yard , they also caught many crayfish at the fond and we had eaten them for dinner.

imageimageAmy had shown us making zhongzi sticky rice as well, it is a local sticky rice with filling inside, meat, peanuts and prunes. The rice bundles were wrapped in a bamboo leaf tied with the plant stems with a pyramid shapes, steam cooked in a big pot. Amy is very accommodating to us and we were treated with such kindness and respect. It was a unique goodbye, i felt sad but definitly full of good memories, laughter and amazing experienced. She gave us snacks, fruits and drinks way back home…. Words aren’t enough how grateful we are. Guilin is absolutely wonderful place on Earth.


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