The Dong’s Village



imageimageFrom longsheng to Luizhou it took us 6 hour trip. It was raining hard that time and some roads were even closed due to heavy rains. There are some landslides , long traffic, men at work on the roads which took us more hours and yes, what a long journey for us, legs bruises, we were so tired. At last we reached our destination in the Chengyang Qiao Village. They also have the ethnic group, the Dong minority people. When we reached the village we went straight to the show, they were dancing, playing their local instruments and singing, they were wearing their beautiful flashy colored local costumes. They gave us a welcome drink, the rice alcohol … we spent our night in the local guest house. The dinner was unforgetable, good food, everytime we had soup, they said soup are always offered for the first day, it brings goodluck & happiness, we had a wonderful momories, good music, they were very accommodating and hospitable. We really had so much fun that night. The next day we roamed around the village. Around 3 pm we hit the road back to Yangshou.


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