10 days in Hongkong. I love hongkong. We went to hongkong for the school break of my children. We visited many places like hongkong zoo, hongkong park, science museum, arts museum, clock tower, victoria peak and well too many places to mention … you’ll never get bored going in Hongkong. We also went to Disneyland, honestly, i didn’t like Disneyland Hongkong, tickets have same price in Disneyland Paris, so i just laughed so hard, really far from what i have expected lol! but thanks because Hongkong offers other things like Lantau Island and Ocean park, Ocean park is the best when it comes to park attractions, that i would highly recommend Ocean Park for everyone… i even lost my iphone in Ocean Park and i thought i would never get it back, but then i went to the lost and found and there i’ve got my iphone back. Shopping malls are everywhere in Hongkong, shop till you get dropped… it is paradise for all the shoppers, shopping is always fun for me. What about food? eating in Hongkong makes me remind of Singapore and Malaysia, I love the chicken rice and roasted duck and pork meat, dumplings and walking around is so relaxing. What i love most in Hongkong is the Subway, really spacious and clean. I also love water transport, the ferries, I didn’t like taxis because i hate traffic. And yes before i end, Don’t get surprised for the hotels because rooms are so tiny. People have tiny living spaces. Hongkong is safe for everyone, there is no need to worry about your personal stuff. All over i would rate Hongkong truly amazing.


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