Spring rolls

image.jpegimageHealthy spring rolls paper rice.
Thanks to my vietnamese friend for this recipe. Ever since i discovered spring rolls, spring rolls became my favorite snack…. so i always make sure to always have shrimps and fresh cilantro inside the fridge.

in my version you’ll need :

• paper rice
• shrimps
• omelette
• green salad (romaine lettuce)
• cucumber
• carrots
• cilantro (coriander)
• thai sweet chili sauce                                                add basilic leaves and mint leaves and also onion leaves depends your taste.


Soften the rice paper in a luke warm water , lay the paper and start with the shrimps, then salad, omelette, carrots, cucumber, cilantro and tightly roll it very carefully. Prepare your thai sweet chili sauce (you’ll find the sauce in the supermarket or groceries.)

serve and enjoy! Voila ! quick and simple….. bon appétit !!!


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