Pasta Bolognese

image.jpegToday I made pasta bolognese for lunch. I am not really into kitchen but when you have a family you’ve got to do this job. I know that my beliefs has got nothing to do with the pasta bolognese i made but yeah here i go …. being a mother of two and a wife is what i called Love. I never considered it as a job that you’ve just got to go and resigned whenever you want or expect any rewards. Having a family is a lifetime responsibilities. When i got married, I don’t know anything about this stuff … but in time i’ve learned that relationship, or in any kind of relationships, that there is no perfections. There is no perfection in this planet, even terrible things cannot be perfect. Perfections doesn’t exist Only GOD. So when good things comes i just enjoy it and when difficult things comes have faith in GOD. I thank myself for this thing, because i know i have this ability of accepting things so easily that life is much easier when you expect nothing. And in everything, i just pray and let GOD deal with it. So today’s prayers : Thank you Lord for all the blessing you have given me. Thank you Lord for the LOVE and GRACE. AMEN.


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