At night

After diner, what is the next thing do you do ? Oh well for me, I want to sit on the couch and kick back but oh No ! I am oblige to clear up the table and it’s a pity we do not have dishwasher here in China, we literally tighting the belt to have one. But anyway, Thanks to my Mom I am not a laid person. I habitually maintain the house tidy and clean which is fun for me… but of course, I still allowed messes days because I am only human and it is impossible to keep our place neat with two kids .

Sitting on the couch with my husband routinely every night is one of my favorite scene for the two of us… hmm what most couple do at night ? and how would you like to spent your night with the most loving person in your life ? Did it ever cross in your mind ? … well yes for me, watching tv while eating popcorn and drink coca cola ? nah wait, my husband is a French guy and admit it or not , French yes French they never eat after meal unless they are starving hahaha really far from my culture. We Filipinos loves to eat, I myself Loves food tripping … Oh alright end ! So where am I ? Lets continue , aside from watching tv , reading books on the bed and additional ? Oh sometimes I run for 30 minutes before bed mmmm it’s a rarely thing that I work for before bed. Lets go back to my subject, sitting besides my man makes me feel so canonized and sentinelled like a Queen with her King… wanting that I live in Versailles Castle yeah you’ve heard it! (lol)… from time to time we would have a little conversation and making mementos that we will remember for all of our life.

There are some nights that I love to look up to the sky and wish to see shooting star. It’s been ages I haven’t seen shooting star , As far as I remember that was year 2000 when I last seen shooting star and it lasted a second just a blink and gone!… and of course I made some wished which some of them came true…… blah blah blah ……. I love stars , the moon , clouds, the sound of the night … And I would thank GOD for everything, for the life, how powerful HE is with everything that He created in this world. God is beyond amazing.

Nights are passing by swiftly and tomorrow is a new day and then it goes and on and on … and , and , and… and I wish there is an everlasting life.

I always love to think how we’ve met and how we held each other arms for the first time. Life is really too short to be unkind and unhappy So better make the most of it ! Love your spouse the most !


I hope you realise

3890445C-44DA-405F-832D-AF997F7F240C.jpegMaybe, just maybe, While you have been thinking about yourself and your own feelings, instead of negatively judging me Because you didn’t get what you want from me… I hope you realise I do not walk on this planet to please everybody. I hope you realise that we are all humans and there is no perfection in this World only GOD.

Heath Ledger


It’s 8:30 o’clock right now and here I go again while having my breakfast !!!  Oh my God ! Guess who was in my dream last night …. Yeah it’s Heath Ledger

All I can remember that I was in a big group of people and Heath Ledger was interrogating each people inside of a big place … and When he pointed his finger at me … He asked me : What do you want to do in your Life ? and without thinking and without fear I answered : Singer ! … and then he was amazed as I answered him gracefully without hesitation, I guess I responded differently and he continued talking and asking question, He said hmmmm that’s very interesting … why would you choose this Job ? Do you look around you ? …. and Then CuT !!!! suddenly I opened my eyes and Huh everything is just a dream ….

I don’t have any Idea why Heath ledger was in my dream and I can not believe I dreamt of HIM …. It’s been too long (2008) when he passed away and I never seen or watch any movie of Him and It is so surprising that he was in my dream and I don’t really know what his message means ….. and why Heath Ledger ?

Mon temps seul

Regle # 1 :  N’attendez jamais à rien à personne.

Regle # 2 : Acceptez le fait que vous ne pouvez pas plaire à tout le monde.

Regle # 3 : Vivre ta vie de la façons tu veux.

Règle # 4 : ne dites pas de mal sur les gens.

Regle # 5 : Ignorez des situations immature.

Je n’ai pas vraiment croisé beaucoup de personne qui me comprennent, je ne crois pas en fabrication d’amis pour la commodité. J’ai la capacité par des intentions des gens et des motifs. Je n’aime pas tout le monde et Je n’ai pas besoin tout le monde pour m’aimer.  Je suis un penseur qui réfléchit à mon but. Je suis une vieille âme essayant d’envisager la signification de chaque action et le but sous-jacent de ma vie. Je passe beaucoup de temps dans ma propre entreprise. Je préfère travailler seul et garder quelques amis. Je travaille seul – à la distraction exempte. J’ai beaucoup de connaissances mais je préférerais restent consacré à un groupe d’amis fidèles. Dans quelques situations Nous avons le droit d’être fâchés mais nous devrions toujours nous garder en échec. Les gens pourraient nous blesser mais ce n’est pas assez de raison d’aussi couler à leur niveau…. Je dois toujours me rajeunir en dépensant quelque temps solitaire de temps en temps. J’aime ignorer des situations immature et Je m’en veux parce que je peux facilement pardonner.

Unpleasant message

What would you do when someone sent you an unpleasant text or message ?
Well, It happened to me.
but I know it is part of human nature and I believe that some people are just careless. People may say everything they want because they feel very good about it. As much as possible, I don’t let myself get affected especially if that person is not that really important in my life. And yes, believe it or not I have ability reading people, their ulterior motives can’t scape from me. If they think they can fool me well they are very wrong. In the first place, I already know and expected it , I already know their ulterior motives , wether it is genuine or not. Just because someone is showing you how nice they are doesn’t mean You have to be nice to them. True colors will always show. That is why I never expect anything , good or bad from anyone.
Yes you can say anything to anyone. But words are just words and in the end of the day they will remain words. When someone is trying to bring you down with their hurtful words don’t ever stoop to their level. In some called situations we have the right to be angry. But we should always keep ourselves in check. People might hurt us but that isn’t enough reason to also sink to their level and hurt people back. Always follow your heart and don’t give them a chance to destroy your day because what you allow will always continue. Live your life , some people will always find something negative to say and that is alright. Life is really too short to be controlled by anybody. I just want to thank them really for I am the center of their life. I don’t worry about what other may think and say. I am free and I am happy.

There is a saying and it goes something like this :

Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him In other words Never argue with an IDIOT.

À mon ami

Je vais vraiment manquer mon ami. Même si pour un temps très court et limite. Une chose est sûre, elle va vraiment me manquer. elle a été loyale et honnête ami à moi et nous nous respectons et nous nous respectons mutuellement en ce qui concerne les différences. Nous comprenons facilement et acceptons les un les autres. La vie était vraiment facile et absolument belle avec elle. même par mes jours occupés, mon temps seul, des priorités dans la vie, elle me serait toujours et elle m’a jamais interrogée, elle me connaît mes limites personnelles. On ne se concentre que sur ce qui compte vraiment. On a fait de super souvenirs ensemble et elle ne jamais quitte, jamais abandonnée et elle a été la pour moi et m’a donné le meilleur sans rien attendre en retour et c’est pourquoi je l’aime de tout mon coeur. L’amitié existe en elle et elle mérite et mérite mon temps et mon attention. Les gens sincères sont vraiment difficiles à trouver et a croire que je ne le cherche plus mais elle m’a montré qu’elle est l’une des sortes une sortes de personnes que je veux passer mon temps avec. Le moment est venu c’est triste de la voir partir. Je ne sais pas ce que l’avenir peut apporter mais je sais pour sûr je la verrai surement en France.

If I could

If ever I could find a friend who truly loved me. A friend who loved me just as much as I loved them. That would take to make me Happy and spend the rest of my day with them. But sometimes, good things don’t last, well, they seemed seldom in my life. I was looking for acceptance in all the wrong people and places. But I am not desperate, In fact I love being Isolated. I began to understand I was not like anyone else … I am different …. IMG_5477


Japan is a perfect and a peaceful country. Japan and its people are so perfect. The food, the fashion , the lifestyle, everything is luxurious and everything is new to me. Going there felt like going in another Universe It is another world for me. Japan is heaven!

Here are the etenirary that we made during our trip in Japan. We bought the JR pass through the internet , and when we arrived Tokyo airport we went to the train station and got our JR Pass and it’s worth to buy and have it , you can go whenever and wherever you want to go anywhere in Japan.

Oh so this is our First time to fly in Japan airline oh my god I already felt like HOME! The crews were so kind, polite and it is so neat and clean, services wow oh wow perfect !

1-3 days we explored the city of Tokyo. Hey ! at the airport as soon as we landed, The first thing I noticed ~ Toilettes are damn awesome !!!!

4th day we went to see the magnificent view of the famous mount FUJI.

5th day we headed out to KYOTO through Kinsanken train (bullet train). We decided to stay there 8 days. There are a lot of things to do, uncountable places to go and so many amazing things to see. The day are long and it’s just wonderful! There is a lot of tourist as well. Some tourist are wearing a kimono’s clothes and I find that they wore it elegantly. There are plenty of choices when it comes to foods. We tried and experience the Fire ramen ! and the kobe-beef hot pot. Of course the sushi’s , You must reserve a table if you want to experience the traditional Japanese restaurant. There are a lot of choices and There is no need to worry even when you are on your diet because Japanese food are so healthy. Everything are well presented, neat and clean. We watched the kimono’s show and there is a big place in the street of Gion. We witnessed the events and had our Japanese Tea afternoon with a beautiful Japanese Garden.

Other places that we’ve been ~ Osaka, Kobe, Himeji , Nara , Hiroshima , Miyajima.

In Kobe, I will never forget the Beef-kobe ! it is certainly the best beef that I have ever eaten in my whole entire life ! The beef is amazingly Tender. We had our private chef for the night The chefs cooked the meat in front of us and he ensures that the meat will stay juicy. If I am not mistaken it’s teppanyaki style. It’s pricey but we gave it a try for once in our life !

In Himeji, there is a big white castle. They called it Himeji Castle, the castle has a beautiful garden but different entrance so we had finished our visit inside the castle then we continued walking till we reached the exit and went straight away to the garden and we had seen its beautiful garden, It is well maintained and again another astonishing place.

Hiroshima – going there was quiet emotional for me … I can’t explain but my heart was devastated……

Nara – you’ll see temples and big buda’s and deers around the park.

Osaka – yeah what can I say !!!! Shop till you get drop !

Miyajima Island ~ We took the JR ferry it is free if you have JR pass you can ride the ferry without payments ~ we were so glad because we went there and another beautiful memories our eyes were filled with amazing things….

Alright for now, I can’t think of anything … My brain is ain’t friendly to tell everything but my heart filled with joy and laughter! We absolutely made a wonderful memories.

We spent our last 2 days back in Tokyo and we went to see and visited my beloved Auntie.

Japan offers beyond what normally I see. We truly enjoyed and had a blast !

Thinking of going back home seems so unreal …it’s a world that seems so far away from this perfect patch of land … but we left with our stories.


I stopped searching for the answers

Few things in life happen without a reason, sometimes I wondered why the world seemed so unfair. I stopped searching for the answers. I’d sit for hours and think of nothing. I love being lost in silent. Memories can be deceptive. The things that I didn’t know now I have begun to understand. The more I learned the more I understand. The journey I endured not only has taught me precious mysteries about one another. It’s too painful to think about the bad times I had. I forced to think I had found my way. I fell and picked myself up. I had managed to create a fuller , beautiful atmosphere , Happy life for myself.

I change

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you or reminded of you . The time you made me cry, the time you made me feel so worthless, You took away my pride… and you’ve asked me how I am ? I said, I was okey though I was hurting … If we will ever see each other again , I would still be here but I don’t promise I’ll be the same person that you used to know ….

Beijing, China


These photos taken last August 2016. China is so rich in History. There are many things you’ll see and do … when you go or planning a visit to Beijing do not forget to go and visit the Forbiden city, Temple of heaven, Lama temple, Birds nest in the olympic stadium, Behai park, Park of prince gong, there are many huitongs streets where you’ll find ancient street and sellers. Of course the famous Great wall don’t miss it! You can also watch Chinese acrobatic during the night, there are several famous theatre in Beijing. And you’ll have a whole day walk in the Summer palace park and there are so much more places and many things to mention but yeah I can’t remember everything …. all I remember is that Beijing is an amazing place ……


IMG_1297IMG_1271Meet our dog, his name is Guismo. He was born in the region of lorraine in France on November 11, 2011. It was not planned when we got Guismo. One day, me and my husband went to a dogs expositions. While walking around and enjoying our time watching and touching all breeds of puppies… There was a big park for golden retriever and one of them was Guismo , he was the unique one among all the puppies with his real golden brown color and he was just there, he stared to us for a long minutes and saying Hi to us waving his tail  … all the puppies turned their back except Guismo he still there and that’s the moment I felt I wanted to take him home …. So without any hesitations we had taken guismo at home …. He is our youngest baby. My kids were the happiest kids in the whole wide world when we got Guismo. Having Guismo in our lives and in our home is one of the best thing that ever happened in our lives. Guismo loves us purely more than anyone could ever do.

No Comments

IMG_7295I am very careful in everything I think, I do and say. Practice is a lifetime learning, I practiced and still practicing to talk less but I do observe enormously But of course I still know when to open my mouth….. especially to other’s people children. You know, It’s takes a village to discipline other’s children. Kids are growing and changing, their body and mind. I believe that childrens are children and I let them live freely. I am a person who doesn’t give opinions unless asked for. I think millions times before reacting into such thing or jumping in a conclusion and it doesn’t mean I am jumping away. We can control ourselves and may appear cool, nice, and pleasant in a normal situation, but when facing an uncalled situation, with a situation that caught us by surprise and how we reacted at the moment, I do believe personally, in my own opinion, that is our real self , our real character, who we really are inside. I am far from perfection but I don’t need to like everyone and I don’t need to be liked by everyone. And I hate to admit that I don’t like all people, So why would I love all childrens ? Let me tell you, One day, I am surprised about my son reaction when he faced such uncalled situation on how he reacted smoothly and how to defended his self with an Adult person. My son is a grown up person and I am proud of him , though he’s grown up I still believe that he still need my guidance. I understand my son, he really choose his friends. and I can’t do anything about it. Even some parents are begging to get some get-together. There were years I exposed my kids with different and mix people. And now they are wise enough to choose whatever atmosphere they want. I really do have to choose people, people who lift each other up , inspires each other , people that I know that are compassionates, kind and humble. People who make you feel loved. I am not a fixer or saviour. I would rather help than judging. I do believe that everything starts at home. There will always be an Up’s and down. As much as I can, I prioritize healthy relationship with my children. So when you think that something is going wrong, never expect any comments from me. It takes truth investigation before you get my help, comments and automatically Immature situation will be IGNORED. As a mother there are days that I know everything and there are days I know nothing. There is nothing wrong when you mind your own bussiness. Minding your own bussiness doesn’t mean you’re uncaring person.

Photo taken in Boracay, Philippines. No filter …

The reason


I truly believe, I found someone who completed and turned my world around. I tell him things that I have never shared with anyone and We share hopes for the future.I have many dreams that never come true, goals that were never achieved and many disappointments that life has thrown me. When something wonderful happens, I can’t wait to tell him about it. I cry with him when I am hurting or laugh when I make myself a fool. He never hurt my feelings or make me feel like I am not good enough, but rather He help me build myself up and show me the things about myself that make me feel so special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure. I can be myself and not worry about what he will think of me because he loves me for who I am. I open my heart knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day and in opening my heart, I experience the true love and real joy that I never dreamed possible. And I find strength in knowing I have a husband and a soul mate who will remain loyal till the end. Life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile. He is the reason of my existence. He saved me from the fall. I am truly blessed that God has given me so much more than I deserve.

Bohol, Philippines

From port of Cebu We had taken the ferry to Bohol and it took us 2 hours. We made one day tour. Unfortunately our ferry has been delayed for hours. It happen everyday. So if you are planning a trip to Bohol I propose you must take 3 – 4 days so you will enjoy the Island including their Beautiful beaches. The 3 landmark of Bohol ~ Chocolate hills which has an enchanting views , Tarsiers, and the River cruise with filipino buffet in Loboc river. The loboc river ~ the cleanest river  I have ever seen in the Philippines And there are more things and places to see like,The man-made forest~ Thousands of mahogany trees were planted during the 70´s if I am not mistaken. The baclayon church & museum. Blood compact site in Tagbilaran and many others optional tours ~ butterflies sanctuary, python viewing, Loay local industries… It is forbidden to cut trees and people aren’t allowed to hunt animals… as the animals does not belongs to the cage but to humans… Throwing your trash everywhere is also probihited. Bohol is really environmentally friendly. I am very impressed that Bohol is well protected by the goverments and the people themselves. How I wish the whole land of the Philippines will be the same like Bohol , it is really clean and green , everything is natural… Going there brings me back to my childhood when the water and the forest were still clean were you just roll around on the ground and wash your clothes in the clean river. And in Bohol you will also experience the lifestyle of the Filipinos way back ~ away from the civilization. All over I would highly recommend Bohol to all natures lovers …. I shall return ….



For me, health is wealth. Therefore I must take care of my health. I am not getting any younger anymore. Time and life is unpredictable.
I started to change my bad habits 3 years ago.
Keeping my weight at a healthy level is never easy. But I was motivated and determined to eliminate all the negative influences in my life, foods, drinks, things and people. I started to value myself and my family. I also learned how to deal with stress. Setting a realistic goal wasn’t that easy. I sleep well, eat healthy foods and regular exercise. I am happy physically and mentally.


img_6370img_6445img_6447img_6450img_6453img_6456img_6458img_6490img_6529img_6534img_6536img_6550img_6553img_6557img_6558img_6568Walang Katulad – means~incomparable ….. ~ Welcome to my homeland … And so here are some photos that I had taken during my christmas vacation in Philippines. Sad to tell the truth that most of the beaches are now being destroyed and overly urbanized. We lost our culture and historical treasure and we are now dominated by consumerist malls culture, But I will never ever lost my pride for my homeland. I hope environmentalist would do something to keep the beauty of the nature naturally…. See you again soon my beloved country…..

Love yourself ~justin bieber

IMG_6190.JPG“Love Yourself”

For all the times that you rain on my parade
And all the clubs you get in using my name
You think you broke my heart, oh, girl for goodness’ sake
You think I’m crying on my own. Well, I ain’t

And I didn’t wanna write a song
‘Cause I didn’t want anyone thinking I still care. I don’t,
But you still hit my phone up
And, baby, I be movin’ on
And I think you should be somethin’ I don’t wanna hold back,
Maybe you should know that

My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone
And I never like to admit that I was wrong
And I’ve been so caught up in my job,
Didn’t see what’s going on
But now I know,
I’m better sleeping on my own

‘Cause if you like the way you look that much
Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself
And if you think that I’m still holdin’ on to somethin’
You should go and love yourself

And when you told me that you hated my friends
The only problem was with you and not them
And every time you told me my opinion was wrong
And tried to make me forget where I came from

And I didn’t wanna write a song
‘Cause I didn’t want anyone thinking I still care. I don’t,
But you still hit my phone up
And, baby, I be movin’ on
And I think you should be somethin’ I don’t wanna hold back,
Maybe you should know that

My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone
And I never like to admit that I was wrong
And I’ve been so caught up in my job,
Didn’t see what’s going on
But now I know,
I’m better sleeping on my own

‘Cause if you like the way you look that much
Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself
And if you think that I’m still holdin’ on to somethin’
You should go and love yourself

For all the times that you made me feel small
I fell in love. Now I feel nothin’ at all
And never felt so low when I was vulnerable
Was I a fool to let you break down my walls?

‘Cause if you like the way you look that much
Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself
And if you think that I’m still holdin’ on to somethin’
You should go and love yourself

‘Cause if you like the way you look that much
Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself
And if you think (you think) that I’m (that I’m) still holdin’ on (holdin’ on) to somethin’
You should go and love yourself



For me, time is always gold, chilling with my kids are my favourite moments, Life is too short to not spend time with them, I know someday that they will grow old and they will have their own life and family of their own. ahhhhhh It’s scare me when I think about that …. So I will do my very best to be with them as long as I live, and live my life to the fullest that life is really too short ! They are my children and my true friends … … Chilling with them is always my favourite time and We love waters, water is fun, Water is LIFe … I can’t wait to go in my favourite place on earth, The Philippines …. So do not forget to love ourselves more and love the best people in our lives …. cheers!

Au revoir

img_5830People really don’t know what is going on my life. I am dealing with something that i would never ever open up to anyone but only to God, I trust only GOD. I am struggling up for years with things, I just want to own it all alone, and some people would have think I am avoiding them when it’s really not. I just want to stay alone without judging me. I feel that some people are just curious about my life but they aren’t sincere at all. The person I trusted the most and love the most turned her back and since then, I am not the person that I used to be. I tried my best to forget everything and start with zero and all I know that She is not part of my future anymore. Things will never ever be the same again. I need to accept the fact that it will never ever be the same again. I stopped trying to figure things out and took it all in, just kept it in, and buried it…. There is saying that is goes something like this : “Friendship is like a glass ornament, once it is broken it can rarely be put back together exactly the same way.” — Charles Kingsley…… Do you believe ? … Just because I ignored her once doesn’t mean I hated her …. I was in a state of confusion then she hated me back for ignoring her or maybe everything was just LIE. What would i have to say now ?  …… I am ready for ultimate of letting go … I am giving away what I want to hold forever….. the most difficult sacrifice of all …. I want to end the road that I had taken… I’ve finally seen the dead end.


IMG_5371.JPGGoodmorning ! because it’s morning here ! What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Of course we firstly open our eyes …. I have been so busy lately and I couldn’t think of anything and Like I said before I am not a writer nor gifted to talk about anything that has sense … I actually just woke-up and heard my 9 years old daugther playing her piano and she supposed to be in school at this time … So while I sip my done coffee … et voila holding my Phone and blog hahaha … non-sense thing , but yeah I woke up today with a great smile and I look at the mirror and found myself beautiful, It’s rare when I feel this way, that I feel so beautiful today, because All my life and everyday I always believe That I am ugly duckling and I don’t find myself so attractive because I don’t need to be … BEATIFuL — How I wish to feel this way Everyday hahaha…. I feel so grateful , and I am more than excited about my plans for this Coming christmas … I will visit my parents which I think made me so happy this past few days … at the same I am sad because My husband won’t be able to join us for Christmas. My husband decided to work and of course whose wife will be happy If you know that your better half chosen his work over family …. ???  But I don’t want to make things so complicate. I’ll follow my plans and he will follow his plans … Family right ? hahaha But honestly, He prioritized his work for this coming christmas and I think that is fine with me,  We have some stuff that sometimes we aren’t agreed about it. My parents are so old and to not see them will be my greatest mistake I will ever do …. I love my parents so much , regardless of imperfection  I will always love them and as long as they live in this word no one could ever break my love for them, My love for my parents is Unbreakable likewise for my Husband and my kids. Today and everyday I am grateful , grateful about everything I have , I may not have true friends , ( I would still love to believe that somehow I may still have — true friends ) but I don’t feel that anymore, As a traveller I just past by through people’s life , some made me happy and some gave an good impact  to my life and some had have given me lessons and tears … some had chosen to gave hurtful words and in everything in between I didn’t react And I chose not to react at all, Some would asked how am I ? I just simply say I’m Fine though deep inside I am hurt… Because maybe I taught them how to treat me so If I am hurt or wronged by someone — blame to myself,  I feel okey about it, because in the first place I never expect anything in people… And to those special ones stayed despite distance, when opportunity comes, we at least  see each other and visit each other wherever in the world  …  To those mis-contrued my friendship I came to the point that I don’t care anymore and don’t want to hurt my feelings no more, I am Like a soldier that is always prepared to be watchful and  prayerful, careful for my own soul that I believe that Evil is more contagious than Good just as disease are more infectious than health. I am grateful to have parents, loving husband and 2 CHildren and I am grateful because  I have God in my life. I don’t go to church or preach people but I am happy to have God in my life and I am very grateful each day…………. and I wish the best for everyone !


IMG_5197.JPGDid you know that prunes have health properties ?

I am one of prunes or plums fanatics … Thanks to a strangers who helped us order our foods in a restaurant , These prunes taste really so good with sweet sticky rice fillings, honey and caramel and each piece are rolled on sesame seeds.

Sound sweets ? yes … Prunes or plums can actually makes people happier.